Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why HELLO 2011 you sexy beast

2010 was a funny old year... there were lots of highs and a few lows. I’ve started on the long process of changing careers from journalism to law, which has seen me swapping tales of far flung destinations to discussing if you’re liable for scaring your friend to death by pointing an imitation gun at them.

I became an aunt, turned 25 and finished my goal of visiting all the continents (barring Antarctica which will have to wait a while). I watched my sister giving birth (eek) and am now the proud aunt of a beautiful niece (cute). And finally got my mug on TV thanks to the lovely people at Market Kitchen (lots of fun – will keep you updated on airing dates).

One of the things that I’m most proud of is starting the supper club. I want to thank everyone for the support they’ve shown in the four months it’s been running. You’ve all been brilliant and have made each supper club my favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Of course there were things that didn’t quite go to plan – I found love... and lost it. I went on more funny/ terrible/ great story dates than I’m sure any person deserves during the course of one year. Things have been intentionally quiet over the last few months as I’ve taken time out from the dating scene but am slowly being drawn back into the fray.

I’ve also been a bit slack on the blogging front and one of my resolutions is that I am really going to be better – so I’m publicly committing myself to once a week. If I fail, I give you license to leave abusive commentary drawing my attention to this particular line and I’ll get back into line. First up is the Anchor & Hope, an uninspiring start to the year...


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