Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forget the speakeasy, this is #meateasy

It's been blogged to death so I'll keep this short and sweet. Go to #meateasy for one of the best burgers you are going to encounter in your life.

That was easy wasnt it?

After weeks of planning, date changing and anticipation I finally made it to New Cross's most talked about dining destination.

Onion rings = good
Chilli fries = delightful
Chicken wings = Oh my god, amazing. If anyone knows what they're marinated in, do tell. Pretty please.

But it was the dead hippy burger that provided the highlight of my evening - two juicy medium-rare mustard-fried patties just enough salad, cheese and sauce. Bowled over as I was by Hawksmoor last week, #meateasy might have pipped it to the post...

It was heaving when we got there at 7pm. I mean tube - shoulder to shoulder, nose to nose heaving but the bartenders helped while away the wait with an array of jam-jar ensconced cocktails. Also quite amusing were the number of people taking up the chilli burger and fries challenge. Although in the end, we were so hungry, watching someone else stuff their face made us a bit cranky.

You are given a ticket when you enter, and can order when your number is called. By some stroke of luck, the person we grabbed the table from had a spare ticket - so we got our starters after an hour but our tickets werent called until more than two hours after we got there. Not recommended if you are in a rush.

The only minor criticism was the system of waitresses shouting out your number combined with the loud-ish music, sometimes it was difficult to hear which numbers/ names they were saying even though they all had very healthy pairs of lungs on them.

And that's it. Go to #meateasy before it disappears next month... you'll regret it if you dont.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Supper club dates

Am feeling super organised so, just to let you know supper clubs on following dates...
April 17th

For more info or to get on mailing list email

Ps don't forget we are now near croydon, not brixton
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lunchtime Pastime: Hawskmoor Seven Dials

Until last week, I had a dirty little secret. I lived in London, ate meat and hadn’t been to Hawksmoor. It’s funny how a small detail can take over your life* - everywhere you turn, fingers point, mouths snigger and you are left with a debilitating shame that no ordinary steakhouse restaurant can get rid of.

But I can hold my head up high.

For I have partaken of the Piggy Burger.

And it was good.

In fact, it was brilliant. A pure example of burgerly delight to be precise. A juicy aged patty paired with pulled pork, smothered in barbeque sauce and topped up with your choice of Ogleshield cheddar or Colston Basset Stilton (I plumped for Stilton, couldn’t resist).

Forget what you’ve learnt about burgers in the past. The tiny flat and oddly sweet bun we too often encounter is replaced with a soft, springy one perfect for soaking up the juiciness that will erupt from your burger.

The patty itself reads as a memoir of a Longhorn cow that sacrificed itself for a greater cause, especially when it is snuggled up with delicious chunks of pulled pork, barbeque sauce and Stilton.

Bites of London
was similarly impressed with her Kimchi burger. So much so that I predict a return visit soon so I can get my hands on one of those, along with a few of Hawksmoor’s legendary cocktails.

So no, I’m no longer ashamed – i can stand up and say that I have been to Hawksmoor. I have eaten the piggy burger. And it was good. And filling. You should be able to say the same....

Can Meateasy compete tomorrow? We shall see...

*well not exactly take over. More like irritate repeatedly.

Waiting rating: Top notch – speedy, attentive and friendly.
Scoffing potential: Conquered the piggy burger, then time for Kimchi burger and then.... the steaks
Wallet buddy: Lunch can be had with a drink for under £20. Dinner more expensive.
The crowd: Lots of business lunches and the Hawksmoor cult followers
1 Langley St.

Tel: 020 7856 2154