Friday, June 10, 2011

Out of the void

Hello everyone.... I know it has been such a long time but what can I say. I've been spending the majority of my waking minutes for the last few months living, eating and breathing law (of course this is an overstatement - I have been eating much tastier things than law but you get the gist). And now I am done for this year, meaning a long summer with lots of fun and exploration on the horizon.

Many changes have been afoot. The biggest being a shift from town to country. Yes, this self confessed city gal has shifted to a small village in east Sussex, and I love it.

The reason? Well that would be another change. This self-confessed singleton and dating cynic is well, err, ahem, cough, not so cynical anymore. Understatement of the year. I'm only going to say this once but well, I've met someone perfect and am head over heels in love. Have you spewed all over the computer keyboard yet? If not, I'll give you a few seconds to do so, and we shall move on.

It's all a bit funny really. I've written about bad date after bad date in here with careless abandon but when it comes to nice things, well I'm very much tongue-tied. Safe to say if you hear me talking about Jon and recounting our mutual adventures in food, that's the man himself.

Moving on....the countryside you say? It is brilliant. Yesterday I went running through the village and scandalized half the local population of old ladies in what, with hindsight, may have been slightly skimpy attire. Oops.

Foraging opportunities abound. I have been collecting elderflower like a maniac and we've already enjoyed the fruits of our labour in the form if elderflower champagne. Later today I shall be making some elderflower and gooseberry jam yum yum yum. Any other elderflower suggestions would be much appreciated, there is so much around it would seem a shame to waste it!

Although my capability to enjoy the new surroundings have been severely limited thus far the move also means huge potential for discovery and I've already been getting out and about a bit for tasty treats to surprise you with. Watch this space.

I'm still out and about in London lots so am not abandoning the home town. Just spreading things out a bit more.

In a slight pickle about supper club though. Can I lure you beautiful people out of town? Tis but a train ride away :p feedback much appreciated!