Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Supper Club

It's been a while... hello hello.

March's supper club saw us take a journey to France aided by the Roux Brothers The Art of Country Cooking.

The cookbook is a tome of gastronomic delights from France organised into the different regions - allowing readers to meander from the Pays Basque to Normandy and back again in the space of a few pages. Recipes range from fairly easy to the technically challenging, perfect for those looking to try their hands at something a little different as I was last month.

I'll admit, I had my heart set on a French Onion Soup to start which (shock horror) was not in the book so I improvised a little recipe of my own (lets face it, it's not that hard :P )

As I hadn't done a seafood main at the supper club for a while, the Sole Poached in Cider with mussels, scallops and shrimps caught my eye. Although sole is a favourite of mine, I very rarely get to cook it at home so the dish was perfect. Making the sauce was far more challenging than the recipe suggested at first glance but when finished proved itself a creamy accompaniment to the sole. Delicious.

I chose the particularly intriguing Pays Basque Custard Tart as dessert - which involes piping creme patissiere within a dense, moist sponge mixture for a custard tart completely different to those we're accustomed to. This was topped off with a blood orange sauce.

And, of course, the cheese.....

A selection of images from another fun and chatty supper club in March. Thank you to all those who came.