Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday Roast at The Lexington

This was actually at The Castle where we went afterwards, but who doesn't love a bit of jenga??
Waking up on Sunday morning after Saturday's picnic, I realised why having your cake and eating it might not always be a great idea. It feels great at the time, but the next day you are left with a wooly head and an inability to fit into your favourite pair of jeans.

Most weekends, this combination alone would be enough to send me scurrying back to bed for another few hours kip but this Sunday there were more important things to be done - namely Sunday roast at The Lexington.

It was Farzana's birthday, and like the true food lover she is, she picked a cracking culinary destination to gather her nearest and dearest. The Lexington's Sunday Roast had been on my hit list for a while but I hadnt made it until now.

Lets cut to the chase. The roast is what I signed up for and the roast is what we're interested in. Although myself and Alex were slightly disappointed by our supposedly rare beef that erred well on the side of 'medium' the rest of the meal was faultless. The beef was meltingly tender and accompanied by crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside roast potatoes, crackily yorkshire puds and enough fennily spiced red cabbage and pumpkin to satisfy the most ardent veggie lover. Plus there was lashings of gravy ready and waiting to be soaked up by the duck-fat roasted potatoes.

The vegetarians out there will be delighted to hear that the sweet potato and cashew nut roast won an accolade of mmmns and aahs from the three veggies at the table - unlike other 'veggie' roasts, it too comes with all the trimmings, so you're not missing out.

I have a feeling the guys at The Lexington know a thing or two about the day after the having your cake and eating it day as they've cannily called their Sunday session the Hangover Lounge. Punters can nurse their heads and stomachs to the DJed sounds of super-chilled reggae, ska and other gentle tunes whilst reading the Sunday papers. We like muchly.

Waiting rating: OK - You order at the bar, and it was fairly quiet when we arrived so not much potential for terrible service. Food was served quite quickly and extra gravy requests were met obligingly
Scoffing potential: Very high. Vegetarians and meat devourers are in their element here.
Wallet buddy: Standard - between £9 to £13 for the roasts
The crowd: Everyone and anyone - Islington's cool crowd and those who have dragged themselves from their beds to cure their hangover
Entertainment: A DJ with chilled out choons and Sunday papers. Bliss.

96-98 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB
020 7837 5371

How do you feel about Giles Coren's article - do you get incredibly annoyed when people take photographs of their food in a restaurant? Is it the kind of thing that makes you see red and spit fire?

Giles Coren slates food bloggers


Nora said...

That's made me want a Sunday roast now! How about you cook me one next time in London? No? Well, it was worth a try surely...

Julianna Barnaby said...

Maybe Sunday roast supper club... it could be done!

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